Monday, October 25, 2010

Canadian prison system future

Earlier reported the Correctional Services Canada says it has no idea what mandatory minimum sentences will do to the prison system because Bill S-10 would send traffickers and producers to jail immediately.

In a way this seems to look like how the United States law is and their prisons are well over packed and they drain a lot of the tax payers dollars.

The Bill S-10 includes sending persons with 6 marijuana plants or less straight to prison as well as possession of marijuana.

If you look at the statistics in Canada on how many people smoke marijuana in Canada, you will see that if this S-10 is to go threw that a great percentage of the population could end up being in jail for possession of marijuana. There is already to many tax dollars being wasted on trying to bust grow-ops and not enough to take down meth labs and crack shacks. The bigger priority is to remove crime from the streets not to breach our human rights.

Remember before you side with bill S-10 take a look at the prison system and laws the United States has got and ask your self this question.

Who has got the bigger problem with drugs and gangs with their current laws Canada or the United states?

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